Co Packaging

Monopack solutions Co-packing is able to offer a complete co-packing service. All facilities are third party audited, ensuring excellence of process and standardsIt can replace any conventional sachet in food industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic and chemical

Monopack solutions Co-packing is dedicated to the co-packing, and it is divided into two separate business units: Food co-packing division and Beauty & Pharma division


It is easy

Monopack Solutions sachet opens with one hand only,without efforts.It is suitable for all and all conditions,and it is universal.


It is resistant

Monopack Solutions sachet can be transported individually in your pocket or handbag or in greater quantities in packs without the risk of leakage or of being compressed.


It is cheap and ecologic

Monopack Solutions sachet has lower production costs compared to bottles, jars or thermoformed unit dose packaging, does not disperse any residue and is more easily recyclable.


It is hygienic and clean

Monopack Solutions sachet dispenses the content in a clear and accurate way, there is no risk of spills or contamination of the product.

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