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The single-portion solution that makes life easier

Monopack Solutions simplifies your life with our innovative packaging solutions . Until yesterday it took both hands to open one, with the consequent risk of soiling, spilling the contents and wasting the part that always remains in the packet. Our sachet allows you to conveniently carry any liquid product with you at all times, providing the easiest and most practical usage experience. With their appealing design, our sachet are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer convenience, hygiene, and waste prevention. Now all that is only a bad memory. Thanks to the use of just three fingers, the packet opens easily and will be ready for use, without any soiling and without having to use scissors or even your teeth as aids to get it completely open. Trust Monopack Solutions for packaging that simplifies your daily routine, ensuring portability and usability while maintaining a focus on sustainability and functionality

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Simplified packaging experiences with Monopack Solutions easy opening and efficient single portion sachet. We specialize in innovative packaging solutions, revo lutionizing the industry.

For Oral Use
For External Use


Monopack Solutions is the ideal choice for innovative packaging solutions in the cosmetic industry. Our single-portion sachet, suitable for creams, serums, and makeup, optimize storage space and extend productshelf-life through their compact volume and airless design. Fully customizable, our sachet are designed to captivate new customers, foster brand loyalty, and enhance user perception.


Monopack Solutions is the preferred choice for innovative food and beverage packaging solutions. Our single-portion sachet, regardless of the food type, optimize storage space, and feature customizable options to enhance brand loyalty and customer perception.


Monopack Solutions offers single-portion packets, ideal for packaging various chemical products. Our single-portion sachet optimize storage space, prolong product shelf-life with their compact size and airless design. Additionally, their customizable nature enhances brand appeal, customer engagement, and user perception, delivering an exceptional packaging experience.


Monopack Solutions provides the ideal packaging solution for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Our single-portion sachet are perfect for packaging various medicines, in liquid. With reduced volume and airless design. The unique opening ensures precise dosage con trol and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Feature and Benefit


  • Simplify brand recognition effortlessly
  • Enhance readability of directions and product features
  • Facilitate easy opening, even in challenging environments
  • Enable effortless extraction of full product content
  • Ensure clean and precise product extraction
  • Optimize retail placement, requiring less shelf space
  • Promote brand and product line differentiation effortlessly
  • Attract, win, and retain customers with ease


  • 100% recyclable
  • Reduced product waste with 95% product extraction
  • Less material waste during production
  • Up to 35% less energy consumed during production


  • Higher breakage protection
  • No more sharp objects or teeth to open your package
  • Less risk of packaging failure
  • Increased counterfeit protection
  • Better readability of directions, ingredients and warnings
  • No risk of contamination
Environmentally friendly single-portion packaging

Monopack Solutions was created entirely for the purpose of using, in addition to the classical materials, recyclable homopolymers and biodegradable materials suitable for compost. In accordance with the principles of the manifesto on the circular economy the materials are reusable in subsequent production cycles, reducing waste to a minimum and respecting the environment.

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